"When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age pensioners homes, but instruments of terror." - Adolf Hitler

"Organize as many friends and acquaintances as possible. Send them to us in the woods. We will be waiting for you." - Tuvia Bielski

Diary Entry: Aron.

Asael, Zus, and I hid in the forest while Aron witnessed our family being murdered. We found him hiding in our concealed basement. Emotional pain is eating him alive. He cries for days, unable to prosper, in a terrible state of depression. We needed him to work in order for our camp to function, but after what hes gone through it is too much to ask. Avenging our parents, I seek out the murderers. I killed all that fit his description. It lifted his spirit enough to the point where he could work.

Aron Bielski, saddest of all of us. He has hunger, but cant eat. This hardships definitely struck him the hardest. It saddens me. He sits alone, drawing, writing, working. Anything he can do to pass time, pushing bad memories to the back of his head, as far as he can. He makes creative poems and drawings, always perfecting his skills.

 It is Aron who brings life to our community. He finds other survivors and introduces them to our district. Though taking in more Jews will make surviving that much harder, I cannot stand to refuse. Most of them are family and friends and denying them safety would be unbearable. 

Max Jurand.

Diary Entry: Struggles.

The stresses of running the camp are overwhelming. Shelter. Food. Medicine. Safety. Weaponry. Everyday a new problem arises, and everyday I have to remind myself that God will help us. He will pull through.

It was today that I found out our camp had typhus. A major problem. A contagious disease; not only would it spread around our camp, but to the near by army fighting off Germans. We would have to risk our lives and steal from  Nazi units.    My subtle cough soon became heavy, as I realized I had typhus. I could no longer participate in the taking of medicine and the difficulty of this task became harder.

I left the responsibility on Zus. With experience in the army, I felt comfortable that him and his men would easily complete the task. I later found out that my expectations were rather high, when only he came back, wounded and out of breath. God was shining a light on our survival. My brother was alive and the medicine was intact. It was because everyone maintained their faith in God, that good fortune came. Our hopes for survival were up and we took each problem one step at a time.

Max Jurand.