Aron Bielski (Brother) Speaks for The Four.

Saving Jewish Lives


And he was actually the one, it was Tuvia's idea that if they could survive 20, 30 people, why couldn't 60 survive? And if there was food for 60, there will be enough food for 120. This was his idea to save Jews. Whether it's a woman, child, old man, young man, whomever. This was his idea. The other two brothers would not: they would probably take their relatives out and they would have a small group of people. They would not undertake such a big responsibility. This comes the credit to the oldest, to Tuvia. That was his idea.


The importance of arms


Arms? Without it you're nobody. This was your life, this was your freedom. A pistol, a rifle -- this gave you everything. This gave you life. Without it you're nobody.


The will to survive


You're afraid; you know that you have to survive, you might have to fight the Nazis to survive, right? But nobody is torturing you; nobody can tell you what to do. So I guess the idea came because they were real human beings; that Tuvia was a real human being -- if ten will survive, why wouldn't survive 20. If it's not enough to go 20 miles after food, so you go 30, you go 40. But it's better than to go to the slaughterhouse, is it not?


Thwarting the Nazi effort


Look, if you go from one city to the other; somewhere along the line there has to be a bridge, or a train, right? That the Nazis use. You go, you burn up the bridge; you go, you sabotage the railroad. Or if they were accumulating cows for their food; you'd go and burn up their food. Like a terrorist group -- hit and run. The partisans (not only the Jewish partisans, but also the Russian partisans) -- they gave them a hell of a time, to the Nazis, absolutely. They could not roam around freely; they had to go in groups.


Brother Bielskis: Safe from the Nazis


What did they accomplish? Well they accomplish a hell of a lot. They saved 1200 people -- those 1200 people by now may be 100,000. There are children, grandchildren. And they were very unique; it's a very unique family. All you've heard up till now is, how people went to the slaughterhouse. But here's a totally different story; here is two men, and the Nazis never laid a finger on them -- never.